pic: Harpoon of Death!

From CAD to production to an integral robot part, I bring you … the Harpoon of Death!

Explained here: pic: 3129 Green MacHHHHine Teaser #1 - CD-Media: Photos - Chief Delphi

See it in person at SVR this Thursday!

I would like to point out that their seems to be a hole missing on the “Harpoon of Death” that is sitting on the wood. Not drilled yet?

Good eye. That’s precisely what it is. We ended up modifying the harpoon as we went. We added the extra curve shown in the final photo, and removed a tooth, too. The final version has 4.

Sometimes it’s the best way to do it. Trial and Error. I’ve learned so much from that. :smiley:

What did you guys use to cut that? CNC?

Manual mill. Not quite so high tech :rolleyes: .

Ah. Very nice. I would love even a manual mill. :smiley: