pic: Harry Potter "Spoiler"

We wrote who dies on a piece of tape and crossed out so no one would be mad at us. Then Libby decided, it would be cool to put it on a spoiler

Well if you and Libby were busy reading the book, that would explain why field reset and field control were always so slow :p.

But seriously, which page is that on? I want to go check which death you thought was the best for a spoiler :D.

A lot of characters die in HP7, but the one written on this spoiler is near the end, not long after another important character kinda dies. He’s not a very respectable character, in fact he dabbles in grave robbing. I’m being purposefully vague here in case someone accidentally stumbles on this thread who doesn’t want to know.




Actually that was due to computer problems that started on Thursday with a bad sound card. The field tech kept having to restart the software, sometimes during a match.

Funny story Chris, maybe if you were paying attention you would know, but we made up 15 minutes during the day on Saturday :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I have no read the book nor do I remember what page it was on. We were literally standing around, eating KK’s with Dave, and popped open a book to a random page and read and it was like “OMG”

Haha I was entirely kidding. IRI’s queuing and turn-around times for matches were the best of any event I have ever been to, and I was consistently impressed by the field crew throughout the day on Friday and Saturday.

Was it superman??? I hope not I want him to make it the end :slight_smile: Completly pointless but it made me giggle a little inside. Just a little though…