pic: Hart Robot 2010

This is a picture of team 691’s 2010 robot. The main feature of this robot was its drive train that had the front and back wheels that were raised and lowered for going over the bump and for hanging on the tower.

That’s actually pretty cool. How well did this work out for you and how were you raising and lowering the drive?

Are those rover wheels and vex omni wheels? How did you decide to use them?

This drive train worked very well because it prevented us from tipping over when going over the bump and also absorbed the shock of hitting the ground after climbing the bump at full speed. I sometimes sometimes it looked as if we actually were jumping over it.

We used pneumatics mounted on one end to the frame and the other end to the wheel module. It worked (at least mechanically) in a similar way to 177’s drivetrain did.

We used the KOP part wheels from 2007 and screwed roughtop conveyor belting from mcmaster onto the surface for extra traction. The omni wheels are the 6in plastic Omni wheels from AndyMark. We used the center two wheels on side as traction wheels and the omnis were on the ends so that we could turn easier.

I can post pictures if you would like.

Any videos? :smiley:

No Videos yet, my team will try to upload some to youtube soon.

If you want to see more pictures you can go to our website gallery at


No Videos yet my team will try to upload some to youtube soon.

As of now I have some videos but cannot upload them yet. So if anyone wants them ask and I can try emailing them.