pic: Has a bad habit of doing this and i got him in the act!

one of my kids has this bad habit of putting drill bits in backwards, and i caught him on camera!!!

and no safety glasses :frowning:

…for the extremely rare DOUBLE FAIL.

Fail #1: No safety glasses when working with tools.
Fail #2: While doing Fail #1, put the drill bit in backwards.

I see we can expect a sick shooter from G-House. Any pics or vids of the final robot? Hope its powdercoated yellow again! :smiley: See you guys at Trenton next weekend.

How do you put a drill bit in backwards?!?!?!
That seems pretty crazy to me, maybe its because i’m a machinest.

Was that shooter designed by a pirate? I see he signed it.

I hope he knows that you can break certain bits by putting them in backwards. Mainly smaller wood bits, but it can happen. You get the same thing when you put a small bit in the chuck pretty far. It kind of shatters.

This guy Rick kept putting jigsaw blades in backwards- one time he actually tied to cut with it before anyone caught it.

He is also using the power to tighten the chuck which is not the best of ideas…

Could someone make an emotiocon of the frown face with its eye poked out. maybe an X for one eye… Seems like this could get used a lot of this forum.

There are several people in my group who don’t always where safety glasses.
I am trying to change that.


yeah, I’m loading a few now, also if you go to popular mechanics website, they did a story on us

to address the safety glasses, they are on his head, its a hint of yellow cause we own DeWalt glasses, but you are right, glasses don’t work when your wearing them on your head and sorry we don’t powder coat, its a simple built it, we like it, take it apart prime and paint it with Krylon.(Sun Burst Yellow) and no NJ regional for us : ( we cant afford more that one, we will be in NY Javits Center WAHOOOO!!!

the shooter was designed by us pirates and the “R” stands for Right side, i cant afford to have anymore mistakes with holes being 1/16 and 1/8th off again. the whole season!!! material cut wrong and holes off center! as soon as these kids get girlfriends they forget to measure twice cut once!!!

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use a bigger bolt?
and sometimes its possible to measure twice and cut twice (-;

Bigger hole and a washer.

No one will know.

If this weren’t a cordless drill, I’d agree. However, the modern cordless drills can be hand tightened, but no farther, due to inexplicably not having keyed chucks. Hand tight usually isn’t good enough when drilling. Modern hand drill chucks are meant to be tightened with a little power, carefully applied.

Of course, they’re also meant to be tightened on the shank, not the flutes. Doing it this way dramatically increases the danger.

Some1 on our Team dropped a drill and cracked it…:mad:

:wink: I am allowed to yell at everyone cutting drilling ect. without saftey glasses on. I have been told it is one of my jobs, along with memorizing 90% of the rules and working on building the robot:D

lol i could definetly < -----spelled wrong) see that going sown here some time … i could also imagine the dialogue… " guys, the drill isnt drilling, im not sure whats happening here" lol thatd be awesome :stuck_out_tongue: