pic: Has a bad habit of doing this and i got him in the act!

Maybe the poor kid is just mechanically dyslexic? Dysmechanic maybe?

Maybe he knows the only safe way to drill without glasses, is to put the sharp end of the bit in the chuck?

(always the optimist)

If they were meant to be worn that way, they would have called them forehead protectors.

Safety is everyone’s job.

Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s right or safe. From the Dewalt DC940 users manual (which is a modern cordless drill):

WARNING: Do not attempt to tighten drill bits (or any other accessory) by gripping the front
part of the chuck and turning the tool on. Damage to the chuck and personal injury may result.
Always lock off trigger switch when changing accessories.

On rare occation, it’s also possible to measure 5 times and cut three times anyway.

I have often found it easiest to measure once and cut myself. :rolleyes:

my question still is just how!!!

one side is sharp, one side is round… wash rinse repeat

Sorry I’ve rethought this reply.

For one, I thought the majority of responses have been pretty lighthearted. I’ve seen worse in a thread on these forums.

For two, whenever I see my students not wearing safety glasses while using tools, I tell them to put them on. Practice makes perfect; you get the students wearing safety glasses enough and they’ll start doing it on their own by instinct. Forgetting to wear them just one time could mean you’ll end up missing an eye. I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy metal / lexan shavings in my eyes - it hurts.

If just one person remembers to put on their safety glasses from this thread, then I’d say someone has learned something. Safety should be preached over and over again, it’s not something to take lightly and I think your post pretty much has proven to me that I wouldn’t want my students working around your unguarded machinery. Common sense is no substitute for good practice.

Its not how often you measure, but how well you measure:D.

Fixing bad measurements is an important skill, and one I think FIRST (or pretty much building anything complex like a robot) does very well.:slight_smile:

On a side note, I think he will have a hard time keeping the drill on the mark with that drill bit in backwards. I can pictures the drill traveling all over the place in my head, makes for a funny little thought too.

On another side note: how does one make that mistake more than a couple times? Even once is a stretch, but you’d think you’d learn.

Ouch! Isn’t that painful?

My apologies Ryan my main beef was with the absurdity of attacking the way he was tightening the chuck. I’m guilty of hi-jacking the thread to spout about 6 weeks or more of pent up frustration with some of these ridiculous posts, not just about safety and I kind of lost it. I also know that there have been far more absurd posts. I know that common sense is no substitute and I agree that practice makes perfect. I’ve had to be better about wearing my safety glasses and I assure you my house is safe (all my family still has their fingers). What I failed to acknowledge was how dramatically the “art” of safety shifts from when I’m in my basement, alone, to when you’re in a room with 20 or more high school kids of all different skill levels using multiple pieces of equipment. As proof of how much robotics has influence me, I used one of our table saws to make a shelf earlier this week and I felt, almost naked, without any safety glasses. In fact I intend to buy some to keep around the basement now that the season is over. I apologize for sounding rather ignorant and crass. I know better.

No apology necessary, I read some of your post out of context by accident it seems anyway. We all have a lot of pent up excitement and frustration from build season, I think a look at the current battery GDC ruling thread shows that plain as day. Good luck at your upcoming regional competitions, and always remember which way to insert your drill bits into your chucks :]