pic: Haters, gunna hate.


I’m sorry. I really am.

What is this I don’t even…

And oddly, I"m amused by this. :\

I see a caption contest :smiley:

… and where did you dig up this pic of dave in a kilt? (where’s the like button :smiley: )

Pleeeease don’t flash us.:eek: :slight_smile:

I send Robots to Mars and wear a Kilt; your argument is invalid

Dave’s wearing a kilt. Kilts are from the British Isles. Islands are surrounded by water.


It takes a real man to Rock a Kilt.


This is gold.

This picture is one of the ones edited by Heidi, but Dave has worn a kilt in the past (he lost a bet, I think)

I think he did lose a bet

this is fantastic. who would hate?

Dean has also worn a skirt before (an uber-skirt). This was last year at the Ann Arbor District http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/36745

For everyone looking for more fun pictures of Dave, here you go!

Someone has a very brilliant mind.


why is there a guy in a skirt??? :confused:

i want to be a dude just so i can wear a kilt :smiley: