pic: Hats off to team 100!

One of our team members spoke with the hat mascot and worked out a (pre-planned) tackle outside. What was strange is that no one seemed to notice the attack. Anyway, thanks team 100 for a great time and being good sports!

We captured the tackle on video which was included in our 2006 Mentor DVD bloopers. I have uploaded the clip of just the tackle to our website, available at: http://www.marsbot.org/files/brian_tackle.wmv (if you wish to watch the entire blooper reel, click here). When we played the video at our team social, mentors were disturbed initially, but once they saw the attack returned, they did not worry so much.

Thanks again team 100!

I was waiting for this video to be uploaded, haha. Good job; the hat’s been tackled many times (most memorable one before this was the time team 1097’s pirate took revenge and tackled the hat).

I’m one of the mentor’s for MARS team 1523 and have to admit being startled when I first saw the video. As Tim mentioned, it’s surprising that no one walking by even stopped to take a second look. I saw additional footage that he cut out, and did see a mascot from another team (a big white Yeti! :yikes: ) come over to see what was going on, but otherwise no one seemed to notice. You guys gave us a chuckle. The guys enjoyed meeting your team.

Tackling the hat has always been one of team 114’s goals, we just never had time to put the plan into action, as we’re always too busy at competitions. However, we have tripped the hat multiple times, never enough to make the hat fall though.

No one even noticed a giant orange hat getting tackled? Either people are becoming ignorant, or there are a lot of strange things that happen in atlanta, enough to make that normal.

I’m glad this finally got uploaded…hopefully our team will upload our videos of it soon, get some more good angles.
Oh, and team 114, talk to me about the tackling, I’m sure something can be aranged…