pic: Having some fun...


Here we are, Team 1132, finding out that, yes, our bot can flip over.
We found out that:
a) our drive system is quite fast and powerful
b) our arms DO make the bot slide upwards when you run them into the clear sidewall

Actually, even though we sat this round out, we dominated the following match with a 190 Qualifing points. We felt pretty good about that…

Don’t feel bad I saw ALOT of bots on there sides today. Some bots started to make a habit of it. I’d want to see how you managed to flip yourself because you look really low to the ground. Good Luck, and maybe slow down a little tommarow.

There were 2 things that played a role in our flipping:
a) our 6’ “Wings” were out (they’re more like arms) and they hit the clear siding of the ramp which did 2 things. First, it unaligned us from where we thought we were, because we didn’t see it hit. Second, it twisted us at the angle that:
b) our drive system went too fast.
Just to say it, I was driving this match, and I didn’t think I gunned it that much…
I mean, I barely tapped our system, but I guess our arms created too much of a problem.
Anyway, like I stated in my description, we did succesfully get 190 QP in our following match…