pic: Hawaii Main Pit Area

The main pit floor of the 2008 Hawaii Regional.

Do I spy only 29 teams? EDIT: TBA says 37 but I’m still curious if they’re all there or where the other teams are…

I haven’t checked TBA to be sure yet but… are there really only 29?

That’s nuts… when eliminations starts you’ve got 24 teams in the running and 2 for backup… so that means only 3 teams will crate up before the eliminations! :ahh:


I believe I read that they have the remaining teams holed up in a side room somewhere.

Cozy. Reminds me of Pittsburgh, minus the plywood flooring of doom.

I see trouble… Pink and Poofs are back-to-back in the pits. Better space to strategize, maybe?

My eyes may be deceiving me but are the pits on a raised platform?

You are being deceived. On the left is just the cloth dividers, same as on the right (between the pits and the admin tables).

this may be the stupidest question on CD ever but still I have got to ask:
Is the Hawaii regional taking place in Israel???

it is amazing how much that arena looks exactly like the Nokia Hall in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Plus it is set up exactly the way the 2006 and 2007 games were set up here in Israel! down to the dividing of the field into two halves and the location of the pit administration and the huge black curtain and the orientation of the pit lanes… it’s the same!

I’m sure Israeli CDers can agree! (Tottanaka? Guy_E? am I right or what?)

weird! :ahh:


It also kinda reminded me how DET was set up, but both are small regionals so its expected to have a similarity between the two

Leav, the pit area is a standard setup. L.A. (when American Gladiator isn’t there), San Diego, Arizona, San Jose, and Davis all use that setup. Most other events do as well.

It’s no wonder it looks familiar…

Very similar to BAE, Great Lakes, St. Louis, and Buckeye as well. It’s a standard setup for that style of arena.

Yes, you spy only 29, but there is a team cut off just on the right and there are 7 teams in an adjacent room nicely ‘holed up’.

The pits are raised the thickness of the carpet which is all that is covering the basketball court beneath. It’ll be a fun regional for the Safety Advisors who will need to look out for the safety of the court as well!

Gotta love having a hockey rink in Hawaii.


I <heart> doing robots over ice. The arena-side tables in Portland never overheat!

The remaining teams are in a room just to the left in this picture adjacent to the main pit area. There are TVs so they can watch matches and speakers so they can hear pit announcements.

wow i have never seen the pits empty! it looks almost serene!

But DET is held in a gym, and it’s even smaller than that but they still manage to cram in more teams without needing extra rooms.

serene? to me its OMONOUS. you never know what sort of crazy contraption that is scarily successful can come out of one of those crates… if this scene is serene, that just means that its the calm before the storm.