pic: Head Ref Andy Baker

Andy Baker

First a nun, now a ref… what are you wearing next weekend Andy?

I vote for Fire Fighter :slight_smile:

Big Bird outfit. :]

If he doesn’t come down to Florida as a piece of bacon we will send him pink spam, see if he can krunch that.

Sorry for the bad puns.

Uh, that’s a bumblebee…

Andy, wanna MC UC Davis?

Big Bird ya say?

I can say that we had a Big Bird appearance at FLR this past weekend too. :stuck_out_tongue:

It goes without saying that Andy did a spectacular job this weekend in San Diego!

Why can’t a nun be ref? Maybe next he will be both.:stuck_out_tongue:

Those puns are AWEsome!

Andy Baker rocks as a head ref.

Andy told us he didn’t want to make a habit out of his nun outfit…

All kidding aside, “The Penguin” spent week one a lead inspector while simultaneously acting as drive coach for a champion, then flew across the country for week two to be a head referee. Two of the most difficult and intense volunteer positions to take on, especially in a year with new controls, and Mr. Baker does them both so well while still being of great value to Team 45 and as a supplier to all teams.


Andy: I think I can speak for all the refs when I say - it was great having you as head ref this year. :slight_smile: