pic: Head referees

Hats off to the refs this year! They did a fantastic job of getting the calls right. While I think we were all shocked a bit by the number of red cards on Thursday, they were calling them within the scope of the rules! Great job! ::safety::

Congratulations on a job well done. It’s great seeing all of you together in this photo.


It’s great to see all the head refs smiling.

Aw…very special group of people.

I’ve gotta say, Terrell is the greatest. He was our head ref at Palmetto and on Galileo, and he was always smiling and talking to the teams. And even when we felt like a call was made wrong, Terrell stayed calm and logical through all penalty arguments.

Can’t wait to see him next year!!!

Kudos to the refs! They did a great job! :slight_smile:

Thank you, head refs! You have a long, difficult job- the calls you make can be tough, and standing up without a break for three days certainly doesn’t help. We appreciate everything you give to FIRST! You guys are awesome!

Terrell had to be the best head ref on Galileo. Being the driver I was the one asking the questions. We didn’t receive points for a hang we thought we barely made. So I asked him why we didn’t receive the points. He very nicely told me that our robot wasn’t high enough. I thanked him with disappointment because we lost the match, but he stopped me and fist bumped me and said “Hey man, it’s all good!” And that made all the difference! It became something to smile about and proud to walk away with the score we achieved