pic: Head to head at GSR


Team 134 and Team 1519 go head to head in the BAE Systems Granite State Regional Finals (photo credit: Molly Lindh)

That is the best shot ever and my new background! 134 was extremely tough on defense and no wheels on the ground was common for us in the final matches!

Thanks Molly for capturing such a cool moment in the finals!:slight_smile:

You guys have someone awesome drivers, they played great defense on 1519 for us in the near zone! (as you can see us going to score in the background) ahaha :slight_smile:

Do you mind if I put these up on Facebook?

Oh, yeah, brad, 134’s defense was really good! we were really at their mercy in this picture

From what I heard, 1519 had pretty dominant drivers. Any videos of the robot?

It looked so cool to see this in person. I do believe the photo does it justice. there were a bunch of great moments in this year’s GSR finals. It reminded me a bit of the '08 semifinals, since it went for 4 matches.

Since GSR wasn’t recorded, 1073 has some videos here- http://www.youtube.com/user/pgraves5

Our team has some which we will put on our site after editing it! :slight_smile:

Oh Dang…this is a lot like P’tree Semi Finals…

1261(us) and 1414(iHot) went up in a similar fashion, but when we came down, only 1261 was working. :cool:

Nice to see that there are other places with extremely cool defensive clashes.

It was begging to be done

those 4 matches were all epic! when we were head to head like that i noticed a few things. at this point we have no more wheels on the floor, and when this happened in the first match they almost tipped over because their angle is higher than ours even though they have the wheels on the floor. and what made this even more dangerous was their top wheel is driving on our bumper pushing us down at the same time.

That was some great defense guys, you really gave us a run for our money!:cool:

I remember the the 2008 semis well - 4 very close matches. That day, 1519 came out on the losing side and 121 (the team that 78 emerged from) went on to win the finals. Good memories of closely fought matches…

Almost makes wedges look tame :rolleyes:

Ugh… don’t remind me :ahh:

Hahaha, if we had won one match at BattleCry9 then we could have had a repeat!

I think that made it so much better. I give you guys extreme props just pure win and amazing.

haha, how did that work? I assume both have almost equal pushing power? One of the best shots I have seen this season.

Yes, both of us had strong drive bases and we were told to defend their zone and they were told to defend us so we went head to head so many times to get to their goal. There were so many intense moments like this one where who knows who will stay up. In one we almost went this high when we were crossing the bump! Really scary!:ahh:

We don’t yet have video of the GSR Finals on the web, but some video of the 1519 robot scoring balls from near, mid, far zones is on the team’s web page at http://www.mechanicalmayhem.org/teamvideos.asp

Looks like what 134 was doing in Virginia last weekend.