pic: Hearts Not Parts

Here are three student protesters from UNLV. They were outside the Las Vegas regional on Friday.

hmm where is the sign that says

“god made adam and eve not adam and 011001010111011001100101”

ohh I see it

NM then

Was this for real? :confused:

It’s cause FIRST is a cult. We drag people in with our Gratious professionalism and tell them about the Manual, or the FIRST bible.

We tried to figure out if this was for real. I think that the three students were sociology or poli. sci. students who were doing an experiment. Other people thought that they were serious. After about 10-15 minutes campus police showed up and pulled to protesters aside. At that point our bus left for the team social.

If this is for real it is just about the silliest thing I have ever seen. Is it possible that the protesters were just so severely misinformed that they think that the competition was violent and destructive like Battlebots or Robot Wars or something? I mean really! What could they have possibly be seriously protesting???

no it cant be for real . . they are obviously geeks . .real protesters would have tans. . . I mean just look at the guy in the hoodie.

If this is seriously true: I really don’t know where this world has come to, for I’m pretty sure just creating robots isn’t against God’s will. However, if you build to kill, then you have a problem.

Also, I don’t think I was taught that simply building for pure fun and experience with SAFETY ionvolved was against God or his commandments either.

If this is just a joke and a play on rediculous protests and lawsuits: rock on, for it is funny.



I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. The whole situation felt like it was a joke. The only time things got serious was when the campus police showed up.

And check out the NES controller belt the guy on the right is wearing.

You guys are silly. Obviously, there ARE protesters. These are 3 members of the Cranberries, protesting that FIRST robotics is becoming more popular than they are.

You can see Delores O’Roirdan on the left. The sign should read “Robots killed our record sales”.


Maybe they are just mad because they didnt have FIRST when they were in Highschool. That would have made me pretty upset too.

oh sure, thats how it starts “Let just build some robots for fun, we can play games with them”

then before you know it soul-less demon cyborgs with human brains are controling every aspect of our society, patroling our streets

and watching everythinn;g; lj;j g/l ds sfd a hey let go of me ;lkjsj ;l;l /

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Robots are good.
Robots are our friends.
Everyone should build robots.
Everything is ok here.

I still listen to The Cranberries. They shouldn’t give up hope yet!

If this is a demonstration on a campus, mock or real, it usually has to be set up in advance going through the outdoor demonstration procedure. Also there are usually specific places that you can have demos, usually somewhere near main or central campus.

Kind of like why we have lines - we have lines to keep from standing in utter chaos or in the case of the Holy Cows, udder chaos.

they were then taken to the Central Ministry of Contentment where they were re-programmed.

BTW, they were not students, they were from the future.

Not gonna lie, I was truly scared when I saw this. As we walk down the huge escalators outside of the Thomas & Mack Center, we see these people down there…and say…“what the heck is going on!!!”

Then as they chant hearts not parts, a bunch of teams break out into ROBOT CHEERS, slowly drowning out the sound of the protesters.

'Twas interesting.

I have some pics of these crazy kids on my camera somewhere as well…

They also said that robots were the cause of starving children in Ethiopia… :ahh:

EDIT: pics uploaded.

and somebody paid tuition for them to go to college…

That’s too funny. I really don’t know if this was real or not, but considering the weirdness of current protestors (as anyone who saw The Daily Show yesterday can attest to), I really hope it was a joke.