pic: Heather's 4 Kickers

Is your robot’s name really Heather? In 2003, team 696 had a robot named Heather, and in my opinion, it was a main reason we’ve seen so many anti-aggression rules ever since. :slight_smile: Anyhow, neat design. I’m interested to see how it works out, if you actually use all four.

Wow! How much does that weigh?

Mike, don’t you know you never ask a lady’s weight?

This is true…and by the way, the other pic shows all of your electronics and might I say how you have them set up is AMAZING

Like the mechanum wheels :cool:

at this point about 55lbs

nice! that thin fiberglass is good stuff, eh?

Based on the weight of the twin that is farther along we need to reduce Heather’s weight so cheese here we come! Oscar is the other robot and it is further along. Its running and being programed now.

It’s not so bad AFTER it’s machined, but I’ve been really itchy these past few weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the bold direction you guys are taking with this robot. Best of luck with what should be an offensive juggernaut!

I hope we are making the right decision. Its weird not seeing another multiple kicker out there …yet.

Are you using fiberglass too?

I will have to say I quite agree. It is very well organized, the wires are nice and tidy, and the layout is very well done, especially considering the slightly awkward configuration.

She is a very trim looking robot, if I do say so myself!

Is there any way we can see a better picture of one of the kickers? How does each conceptually work?


They have several YouTube videos and also have alot of up close pics of the kickers on there website