pic: Helping hand for Human Player see link: http://www.amazon.com/Pentagon-Tools-Drywall-Stilt-Black/dp/


Interesting idea… hmmmmmm

This would definitely be a violation of T21. https://frc-qa.usfirst.org/Question/2/is-it-acceptable-to-create-and-use-a-device-to-aid-or-enhance-the-human-player-in-casting-litter-over-the-alliance-wall

Now, what would happen if one Human Player put another one on his/her shoulders? Does this break any rules? (Forget the fact that this is a crazy idea.)

Like this?

There is currently a question in Q&A about WHERE the noodles can be thrown from (HP zone only, or anywhere behind the wall). Q26.

In the event of the answer being in favor of the latter, one HP standing on another’s shoulders just might be legal…

…GIVEN that it is possible to do that SAFELY! (BTW, not a given at all!)

Is it though? I am allowed to wear shoes. Are boots with a 1" sole illegal while normal shoes with .5" soles are legal? what about (in this case) shoes with 18" soles. I see no line in the sand

You might get away with heels (maybe, I don’t know the rules for footwear on the field) but I can’t see anything bigger than that being allowed. Common sense.

bringing back the moon shoes!

You could call those stilts shoes if you wish, and I would send you away for having open toe shoes.

The question was just answered in favour of anywhere behind the alliance wall. So, I guess that it would be legal for one person to stand on another’s shoulders to throw the noodles, right?

Would this in fact be a violation? Not to lawyer things up but the device itself has nothing to do with the actual throwing or “casting”. Just sayin’

That’s what I was thinking too! Hmmm … I think I’ll get a question up on the Q&A with more detail …

Actually, could someone please get a question up for me in the Q&A?

I would just like you to ask if we are allowed to use something that aids the Human Player in throwing the litter over the Alliance Wall without it touching the litter.


Imagine the wall building w/ Grey/Yellow Totes and Litter around the Human Player Zones that will be going on “DURING THE 15 second AUTO PERIODS”, since up to 9 Drivers and Human Players on each alliance appears to be able & may participate in the activity (as long as Drivers don’t step over that all important start line, and only 1 Human Player steps into each HPZ of course)…Yes, they did say “Change was coming!” (Rarely do they allow real game work to take place during the Auto Period). Hybrid -Auto excepted of course.

See the Q&A question/answer dealing with that issue Drive/HP Teams! They are letting you get those game pcs. closer to you than the orig. field reset positions it certainly appears. I’ll bet that is going to make the Field Reset Volunteers so, so very happy though, if you move them up, and do not actually use them all…LOL. :rolleyes: (Well, at least they will still be closer to reset than the pcs. actually entered onto the field).

Check the Q&A Alexander…Asked & answered already.

G1 now becomes the driving force here. If you can do it SAFELY, and I do mean SAFELY, if the rules stay as they are in this area, I would probably consider this to be legal. That’s a pretty big “If”, though. I would recommend asking Q&A.

Really? What’s the question number?

The only question I can find related to this would be Q2 :

Q. Is it acceptable to create and use a device to aid or enhance the human player in casting litter over the alliance wall?

A.No, a device used to cast LITTER over the ALLIANCE WALL would not meet the requirements of “Special Equipment Rules” as outlined in Section 5.5.8, T21.

And this is T21 :

The only equipment, provided it does not jam or interfere with the remote sensing capabilities of another Team, including vision
systems, acoustic range finders, sonars, infrared proximity detectors, etc. (e.g. including imagery that, to a reasonably astute
observer, mimics the Vision Guides), that may be brought in to the ALLIANCE STATION are as follows:
B. non-powered signaling devices,
C. reasonable decorative items,
D. special clothing and/or equipment required due to a disability
E. devices used solely for the purpose of planning or tracking strategy provided they meet all of the following conditions:

  1. do not connect or attach to the OPERATOR CONSOLE
  2. do not connect or attach to the FIELD or ARENA
  3. do not connect or attach to another ALLIANCE member
  4. do not communicate with anything or anyone outside of the ARENA.
  5. do not include any form of enabled wireless electronic communication (e.g. radios, walkie-talkies, cell phones,
    Bluetooth communications, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  6. do not in any way affect the outcome of a MATCH, other than by allowing PLAYERS to plan or track strategy for the
    purposes of communication of that strategy to other ALLIANCE members…

This would mean that it wouldn’t comply with T21 E3 … Oh well ::rtm::

So, in conclusion, the stilts mentioned in the very beginning of this post would be illegal according to T21 E3 …

T21 The only equipment …] that may be brought in to the ALLIANCE STATION are as follows:
E. devices used solely for the purpose of planning or tracking strategy provided they meet all of the following conditions:
3. do not connect or attach to another ALLIANCE member

Nonetheless, it would be legal (but possibly dangerous!) for one Human Player to stand on another’s shoulders if the rules stand as they are (clarification will still be needed in Q&A).

And then there’s the idea of moon boots, shoe-stilts and super-thick soled shoes which needs clarification as well …