pic: Here is the Before picture, Stay Patient for the After!

This is our driving KOP bot, still working on the rest of it!

It looks like you may have exposed lugs on the battery and the circuit breaker, which could enable accidents. Try covering exposed metal with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape to make everything safer.

Ok, we will get after that this afternoon, thank you for the advice!:slight_smile:

Do yall think we should cover the main breaker’s off switch?

You won’t pass inspection. The main breaker has to be easily accessible and marked in case of emergency.

Ok, that is why we put it up there, we were just kind of afraid of it getting hit and turned off but it can’t be by the ball.

If that is the case, you can probably put an open-ended box around it, so that the ball can’t get in, but peoples’ hands can. Just make sure that the opening in said box is fairly large.