pic: Here is your NYC Regional Invitation!

Here is your NYC Regional Invitation!

Come as U R or come with friends.
There is something for everyone! FRC, FTC, FLL, College & Career Expo.
(Volunteers are especially welcome.) :slight_smile:

Wow, is the NYC Regional really a saturday and sunday? Thats odd…well for me anyways…

So would that make practice on the Friday and setup on the Thursday? :rolleyes:

Wow just look at that sponsor list. Incredible.

You must have a fantastic sponsorship comittee.

Yea since moving to the Javits a Friday - Sunday Event was really the only days the committee could get contracted. While it is odd for most who are used to the Thursday - Saturday Events it works out in the long run b/c you miss one less day of school - if your local enough to the event that it is. They had it last year and it worked out nicely…

Glad to see there going all out and using most of the ground level floor. Last year we used about a 1/4 of the ground level - this year it looks like 1/2 of it is being used w/ FLL and FTC and the College and Career Center in place and all.

I still say we need 2 fields for NYC :D. We’re getting popular and quickly :cool:

That lego driver in the purple shirt is from my team, the FIRSTfruits, of Mountain Home, Arkansas:D