pic: Hey Isn't That...

I was watching the science channel after one of our FLL qualifiers and I happened to see a friendly face in the back during “Roving Mars.”

you can see the game piece for 2008 in the background if you look hard enough… :wink:

I saw Roving Mars at the IMAX in Tallahassee. Dave Lavery 5 stories high is a frightening sight. How cool is it to actually know movie stars like Dave?

Eh… I don’t know if he’s an official “movie star” per-say. He’s not listed on IMDB as far as I can tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now on the other hand, Woodie is.

Hey, look at that. So isDean.
And what’s this?
He has a new project currently filming.
Cool beans. :smiley:

OMG! I knew that was going to be the game piece this year! WIGS!

I think the game piece hint is the Science channel icon. We will need to move in around the screens at the regional.:smiley:

He looks very excited! :slight_smile:

Probably just finished a game animation.