pic: Hey who's that driving the robot?

Time sure flies…

Since you threw down the gauntlet, Ed… I’ll guess Paul Copioli? When was this picture?

No that’s not Paul. That’s 2002 and Paul was never an X-Cat. That’s Sean. He’s the operator.
I meant the girl. She’s currently running a team in New York state.

ahh! i know her.

I think I’ve run into her once or twice. :wink:

oh oh oh!!! pick me i know the answer!!! :smiley:

:yikes: Do i also see some of the 191 robot in the picture? Possibly thee only crab drive that 191 made?

and, I suspect, the last…

I don’t know whos driving that robot, but she certainly looks uber dorky :-p

I second that one.

Somebody is gonna be scrubbin’ the shop this week…