pic: High Goal Worse for the Wear

Evidence of all the impacts a high goal can take.

It’s funny how the damage is heaviest around the top of the goal, while dead center is nearly clear of scrapes and marks.

Seeing this same goal at the end of the season would be interesting.

The top of the rear of the goal is probably scarred due to the angle of the shooters?
The middle is probably protected by the chains?
Then, why is the top so scarred if the impact is closer to the chain anchors.
Hmmm, IDK, maybe due to the velocity of the angled shots?

I think the top hits are all coming from low (sub-30") shooters, and the bottom hits are coming from high (nearly 60") pyramid shots or full court shots. Low shots generally enter the goal at an angle, while higher shots are more level.

There is definitely way more wear on the top because it is far easier to get a repeatable shot if the frisbee enters the goal on its way “up” the flight path rather than down.