pic: hmmm... thought I'd try my hand at photoshop.

I’m sorry about this, MissInformation, but I couldn’t resist.:slight_smile:

hahaha… Cody… very nice job… :slight_smile:

Heidi took a lot of pictures of me throughout IRI. I am pretty scared to see the pictures that Heidi gives links to or uploads.

Someone Photoshopping Heidi…now there’s a switch! :smiley:

Be warned, anyone replying to this thread could become on her “list”. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh it looks like Heidi has been photoshop served. Can’t wait to see what she is gonna fire back at Cody, would it be possible of Billfred could settle this with a “caption-off”?

edit: oh no, didn’t see what Jay posted…

Cody that was ABSOLUTELY great =)

i don’t think Heidi has any pictures of me so i don’t think i have to worry about being a victim of photoshop

dude, i willingly dressed up as The Pooh Bear… for work… WILLINGLY… you think there is somthing Hedi could do that would bother me ?

I could think of a few, but I live too close to Jersey now to mention them… :wink:


Don’t forget about all the pictures you upload here as your Who Am I picture. :slight_smile:

MUHAHAHAHA!!! I have NO image! I’m immune to photoshop.


very intresting…

everyone just beware :ahh:

I still can’t believe they found a suit that actually “fit” you…thats the funniest part of all :smiley:

Yes, but you live at most 30 minutes from her. :cool:


Ooh thats true. :ahh: And on that note i would like to introduce my new attack bunny captian fuzzles. :smiley:

I find it kind of disturbing that every time my image is photoshopped, I’m compared to a man… first Mr. T, and now the croc hunter… you all do know I’m female, right? :confused:

I have been collecting a lot of photos of CD regulars and I will be adding to it at the Clash…


The Clash huh? [shifty eyes] ummm… I’m NOT the one with a lot of hair:-) [/shifty eyes]

I’m getting my camera ready for the clash…

What does it take to be a “regular” around here anyway… I always feel like I’m gate crashing the CD party :wink:

HAHAHAHA… MUHAHAHAHAHA (you know a evil laugh just isn’t a evil laugh without the MU). Again I’m immune i won’t BE at the clash ( :frowning: ) ill be in Alaska ( :slight_smile: ) safely away from all horrible images that might occur.