pic: Holding the big ball

how well does your suction work?

wow! your bot sucks almost as much as ours does :c)

Yeah, ours sucks too, maybe it sucks more.

no way! we have the suckiest bot that ever existed - and we have the gauges to prove it! :slight_smile:

Our’s is a gauge-less sucky machine. No pneumatic much to my sadness :eek: Super sucky. Our constantly sucks too. :ahh:

How well do these “sucking” devices do. If the ball gets bumped around do they hold well?

oooh…very well…si…si…as soon as I can I will release a picture. Ours can stick to walls, glass, and works even if there is a slight leak. And yes we’ve used ours as a punching bag, swung our robot in circles (although this is a bad for our top-heaviness with ball and tank steering.) and done everything else you could think of.

nice, we just use a claw it holds it well but i bet some sort of suckign device would bt better and lighter.

what, may i ask, provides all of that sucky suction?


or pneumatics, take your pick.

the fisher price motors.

or freshmen, take a deep breath and then stick your finger over the hole.

The freshman are all insulted. RoboHyo - everyone here at the shop were wondering what college students do??? Spend their time on the message boards!!! You missed the Ribs for supper tonight at the World Headquarters of Panther Robotics!!