pic: Holliston 2010 Robot

Team 2262, 2010 Robot.

Wow! Looks like some heavy duty treads. How much do they weigh? Looks like you should have enough power.

Looks pretty good. Have you guys devised a good way to protect all of those precious electronics?

Other than that good luck.

That’s a pretty good looking robot, but I’m a little worried about your treads. It’s hard to tell the material from the picture, so I’m worried if you’re in compliance with R08:

ROBOT wheels, tracks, and other parts intended to provide traction on the carpet may be purchased or fabricated (“traction devices” include all parts of the ROBOT that are designed to transmit any propulsive and/or braking forces between the ROBOT and the FIELD). In no case will traction devices that damage the carpet or other playing surfaces be permitted. Traction devices shall not have surface features such as metal, sandpaper, hard plastic studs, cleats, or other attachments. Anchors (i.e. devices that are deployed/used to keep one’s ROBOT in one place and prevent if from being moved by another ROBOT) shall not use metal in contact with the carpet to “stay put.” Gaining traction by using adhesives or Velcro-like fastener material is not allowed.
You need to be rather careful that you don’t have any metal contacting the carpet.

Yeah, there will be a Polycarb cover over it.

The material is styrene butadiene rubber, Its held on with rivets that are sunk 1/8th of inch below the plane of contact and sealed with some thermoplastic.

I’m not sure of the weight of the treads. But the robot comes in under 100 lbs.

Looks good.

How well can it turn?
Approximate top speed?
Range of kicking system?

(Hanging system?)

I think it runs around 5 Feet Per second. It didn’t seem to have any trouble turning on the tile floor of the school. The kicker travels about 15 feet. There’s a winch underneath the electronics that goes with a hook and the scissor lift; it runs off a tough box and a CIM. We haven’t tested the lifting yet though.

Whoah. Get that thing on some carpet NOW. Tile floor and carpet are two entirely different things, and you may have a very nasty shock in store when you put it on carpet.

Our team did treads the first year. They were incredible when the bot was 60 pounds. When it was 150 pounds… well… let’s say they switched to wheels since just going straight back and forth wasn’t really effective without being able to turn!

Yeah I expected that but the rubber seemed to grip decent on the carpet but not too much.

nice treads:]

Are y’all planning on driving over bumps or going the tunnel route? It’s difficult to judge the size of your bot from the picture. Is climbing the bumb even an option with such tread?

The tread is pretty sweet, though. Our team like many others took the mecanum wheel route.

Once we hack off the excess screw and guide rail it will fit under the tunnel. And we’ll find out about the bump soon.