pic: Holomonic (Bottom View) with Large Omni-Directional Wheel Kit

A bottom view of holomonic robot our team built to demonstrate the new Large Omni-Directional Wheel Kit. This robot will be available for anyone to drive at Monty Madness.

Awsome!! what size wheel are they? 4"?

Yes, they are 4". They’re much better at climbing onto surfaces than the smaller omniwheels that have been available for a while.

Out of curiosity, how many teams used omni-wheel holonomic drive this year? At Chesapeake, it was just us (1418) and 341.

When you programmed it, did you make a side or a corner the front?
We used holonomic on our robot this year, and our chassis was a square with the corners chopped off where the wheels went. We programmed it with one of the sides designated as “front” so when we went “forwards” we were driving all four wheels.

At the FVC World Championship, I only recall one of the Sharon teams (2013?) running omni.

FVC 2013 (Team Unlimited) did not use a holonomic drive on their robot, we used a **two-speed transmission **on our robot instead. And I don’t recall if the other Sharon used a holonomic drive, but I don’t believe they used one.

2158 had omni and one of the atlas ball robots

One of the sides was designated the front. However, the coding was put together really quickly just to see if it would work. The robot is having a few more things added to it before Monty Madness, so I believe the code will be changed a bit and what was added will determine what we define as the “front.” If not already obvious…I have nothing to do with coding the robot.

I want to say around three at the Championship. I recall one high goal robot that our team dubbed “the pirate ship” because of its scoring method. There was also a low goal robot that had a crazy method of hanging off the side of the bar. I believe there was at least one other.

In my opinion holomonic wasn’t a very good choice this year. Getting onto the platform was very useful just to be able to move around the field easier, let alone parking for points. As these new larger wheels just came out, the smaller omniwheels had to be used. Its very difficult to get on the platform with those wheels, and that’s not even taking into account the loss of torque because of a holomonic drive. The manueverability of a holomonic drive is really amazing, but it just wasn’t needed in this challenge. Our robot had the most basic form of steering possible - it drove like a tank, and it managed just fine.