pic: Holomonic (Top View) with Large Omni-Directional Wheel Kit

A top view holomonic robot our team built to demonstrate the new Large Omni-Directional Wheel Kit. This robot will be available for anyone to drive at Monty Madness.

Do you mean the 2011 Monty Madness next May? Or a different event.

Over on the VEX forums is a thread by Smartkid with a great Omni tutorial and discussion that you might want to look at.

He also posted the designs for their 2009-10 Omnibot The second picture in the thread shows the pods that they built for the drive base. Very fast, very powerful and they can be swapped on/off the robot.

The picture was originally posted in May 2007, so I assume it was talking about the Monty Madness 3 and a half years ago :wink:

The posting date on the orginal post says “Today, 04:16 AM” for me. Having the picture be from 4 years ago is even weirder…

Ok Professor Peabody I’m ready to get into the WayBack Machine and head home …

Right, thats because when you comment on a CD image, it creates a new thread about the image, so the thread (IE, the first post of the thread) was at that more recent time, however, the picture was posted 3 years ago…I’m like 99% sure thats right…

This is true, but I don’t think Foster started the thread, considering he replied almost 3 hours later and didn’t know the photo date. (He’s done weirder things, but still. :P) You don’t actually have to reply to an Extra Discussion thread to start it. You do, however, have to accept the “this will create a new thread. You are expected to reply to it” warning. :rolleyes:

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