pic: Homemade Keyway Broaches

Homemade broaches were actually able to cut a 1/8" keyway in the sprocket. They are made from old four flute taps with all but one tap ground down. The finer tooth broach is used on first pass and coarser tooth broach is for final pass.

beautiful! thanks for showing us such a neat idea

very slick! now if only there were a way to make hex broaches like this…

If I get access to a manual lathe with a three jaw chuck then that will be my next project…

One year at GLR we had to put a keyway into a sprocket, and we didn’t have a broach or a press in the pits. So we taped about 5 hacksaw blades together, and slowly cut the keyway into the sprocket. Took awhile, but worked out just fine.

It also cost us 5 hacksaw blades.

Here is a photo of what else I did. I keyed two of these hubs as well as cutting a key slot in the drive shaft with a Dremel carbide cutter. Took a while, but it works!

I’ve actually done this same thing but to make a knurled surface.

Grind off all but one flute, put the tap into a vertical mill and make a pass on your piece (cutting along the side, obviously). Rotate the piece 90 degrees in your vice, and make a pass again. It’ll leave you with a nice knurled face that’s good for gripper jaws on end-effectors.

I love that idea and it gives a good use to old taps!

Like they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention!” :slight_smile:

Not bad Gabe… not bad at all! :smiley:
I’m impressed.