pic: Homemade Lathe By Team 806

Homemade Lathe made with parts of an old robot and parts around our workshop.

I think you’d like this: http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/lathe1.html

Very nice. What type of motor are you using to power it? and is that a planetary gear box?

Thanks! No, actually it’s a drill motor but I’m not sure of the type or brand. When we used it I was told that it was included in the 2002-2004 KOP range, I’m not absolutely sure when. The speed isn’t too fast or too slow and it worked wonders in a pinch.

It looks like the drill motor used on our 2004 bot, but it could have been used in years before that as well.

Yeah, I believe that it was '04, now that i think about it I remember some team members taking the “side” off that robot which is now the base for the lathe.

Ahh, the good ol’ Bosch drill motor with included 2-speed transmission… For the teams that could keep everything running, it was a really good little drive setup. I seem to recall that involving a few tranny tweaks, though.