pic: HOMER capping center (LA)

Our school photo teacher took this picture of our robot capping center goal at the LA regional, i think that its an awesome pic.

Thats an awesome picture. I’m glad you put it up. What does everyone else think?

That is sweet, how many could you guy put on the center goal? Some teams were getting huge stacks on the center. We could only go up to 7 but we changed the angle of the arm to have more accuuracy on the small goals so now we can only get 5.

we can cap 5-6 we never tried more than that

Speaking of capping a lot of tetras, our team tried just a couple of days ago to cap on top of a center goal that was sitting on top of a table, and we were able to get a couple tetras on, even though the top of the goal was about 10 ft. high.

upload a picture of it.

Yea i’d want to see it. how high(ft) can you go?

Team 22, you guys have a great robot. I was wondering, for powdercoating your robot, how much did it cost and which shop did you go to?

-Jeff Kane
Team 1138

Excellent question. I too am interested in the answer. Along with where do you get the anodizing done and how much did it cost?

In my humble opinion [and not meaning for this to be construed as rude, but] I don’t think you really need to ask this or the powdercoating question. If you want your robots powdercoated or anodized then I’d suggest looking up shops that perform these services and ask them to sponsor you. I mean, why try to find out from another team what their relationship with their anodizer/powdercoater is when you can try to pick up an in-kind sponsor yourself? That’s what our team and many others have done.

Do what we (and many others probably) did…

In 2003, after being super jealous of team 60 and others who had powdercoated/anodized robots… we decided to do the same.

Guess what we did? We picked up the phone book and started cold calling everyone in there until we got someone who said yes. It was as simple as that. It literally took less than an hour to find some one to do it. Even better, drive to these places and ask in person… they usually will have a harder time saying no (be careful with the second one though)

This last year we had a bigger problem - we were way behind in the build and we had a hard time getting in touch with the company who helped us the previous year. So what did we do? Again, we grabbed the phonebook and called until we found a place that would be able to do it in less than 2 days. What do you know, it worked… even better, we got the pieces back overnight!! For free!

Let this be an example to those who think some of these teams are given thousands of dollars to go and pay companies to powdercoat/anodize their robots… not quite. A few phone calls and the right attitude can go a long way.

Don’t forget to thank them afterwards! cough 968!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it. And sorry I didn’t check this thread for a while. Without an actual picture, it may seem hard to believe, however, I do intend to show that I’m not making this up.

Firstly, some math:
Our arm extended from approximately the top back corner of the box to the front bottom the long direction, plus we have what some on our team called the ‘sugar scoop’ on the front, which is about 2.5 feet tall. When the arm is fully extended, this is straight up.

My math gives me a possibility of 13.4 feet from these dimensions:
60+sqrt(38^2 + 60^2)+30=161"

You can subtract from that a couple feet (probably less) because the tetra is held from the peak, and (somewhat less than) a foot because the pivot point is a few inches from the upper corner, and you still end up with a possibility of over 10’.

Now, from a visual perspective:
From the competitions we went to, we don’t have any pictures of the arm all the way up either. This is because there was no reason to have it all the way up.

Here is a picture from later that night: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?s=&action=single&picid=11490&direction=DESC&sort=date&perrow=4&trows=3&quiet=Verbose

Notice the tables in the background. It was one of those tables that we used. Also, notice that on the right side of the picture, there are some grey pipes. Those are the edge of the center goal.

Here are some other pictures of the robot that show just how much of its power is unused:

Here is us stuffing a robot, as it holds three tetras over the center goal:
Notice that even from a perspective partially behind the robot, you can see that the arm is not fully tilted up.

Closest to all the way up that I have in a picture: http://wilsonvillerobotics.com/photos/LV2005/full/3.jpg
Unfortunately, there isn’t too much in the background to measure against, but you can see one of the factors that helps how high the tetra can be: as the top piece gets closer to vertical, the bottom of the tetra gets closer to the top of the robot as it tilts.

On a final note, here is a picture of our robot with its old arm:
This one was made of fiberglass, and was telescoping. At the pacific northwest regional, the mechanism that made it telescope broke in one of the early rounds, but we didn’t bother to fix it because the capability turned out to be useless. (The arm was too long for its strength, and was later replaced with aluminum.)

As for how tall it actually was, we didn’t measure, but it was a regulation size tetra and center goal on top of what I assume is a pretty standard table height.

I know this is extremely old… but I just stumbled across this picture and it reminded me of you guys. My first event was the fall classic at your school and it was very inspiring.

Will you guys ever be back? I heard that a lot of members joined 4/1138.

Due to school policy, we aren’t allowed to have students from other schools join our team. If we could we would. This year, a mentor from 22 helped both 4 and us out though.

Team 22 is alive but is having a little trouble right now. They do have a team which is located at Chatsworth High School.

were they forced to take this year off? If so, will they be back in '08?

They did take a year off this year and only someone on their team would be able to answer whether or not they will be coming back this coming season. No member on their team is currently active on CD, so you may not be able to get a response.

But I do agree that their team was very influential. They were a great Chairman’s team that introduced me to everything FIRST was about.

They were never really forced to take last year off. They just did. I also ran into Matt, team 22’s human player, and he said that they probably won’t be playing in 2008. Emphasize on probably because there is a small chance, but there still is a chance!

I agree with Monica,

Hmmm… is it funding they need? Because if that were the cause, I think a lot of local teams could fund raise a few hundred dollars each to cover the entrance fee for a single regional. I would definitely try to get 294 to raise some for 22 if that happened.

It’s just sad to see team such as chatsworth die off…

Like i said earlier, no member on their team is currently active on CD, so you may not be able to get a response. If you would like to know what’s going on with their team i suggest speaking to someone on their team.