pic: Homework: Done!

This afternoon, students (and the occasional mentor) from teams 1618 (Capital Robotics, on the right) and 1398 (Keenan Robo-Raiders, on left) taped a segment for WIS-TV’s minority affairs program Awareness. 1398 showed off one of their projects, while we showed off last year’s robot.

For those in the state, Awareness airs this Sunday at 10:00 AM on WIS. I hope to get video at some point.

Great job Billfred. I don’t think we get that station in the lowcountry:( . Keep up the good work and see you at Clemson.

Don’t thank me; I actually had little in the way of facilitating this appearance (robot transportation notwithstanding).

I must say, though, it was rather interesting trying to drive the robot while looking at the monitors. (I was closer to the joysticks, and I had more experience driving in close quarters than the students present.) Craig Melvin (a Columbia High alumnus himself) didn’t fare as well, but I’ll save the highlights for Sunday. :wink:

We also had fun with shooting the station IDs that promote this week’s show; they’ll air through this week.

I assume the name Leverette is also a minority in the Carolinas?