pic: Horton Hears The Who!

Our 2015 Robot, Horton.

His favorite band is The Who
4 Wheel drive, two traction, two omni
4 Cim WCP single speed, geared to around 8fps
4 Bar arm with claw capable of picking up and placing totes and cans in multiple orientations.
His drive and pit crew, are known as the CoHorts.

Jason, great looking robot! Any videos of the little guy?

Thanks Akash, we do the powder coat in house and it’s really turned out well. I don’t have any up close and personal interviews with Horton, but here is one of our match videos from this past weekend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzkoPpB9Ruk
Our new drivers, really shined this weekend, I can’t wait to see how they do at Troy in a few weeks.