pic: HOT Team -- 67


So I’ll probably get in trouble for posting this, but since we’ve already been to one regional and someone else already posted one (blurry, but posted), here’s the 2004 HOT Bot.


Good luck at Buckeye and West Michigan. We (302) will see you at West Michigan and maybe we can work together this time! Great Lakes was a lot of fun with some really exciting matches. I think your team has a great ball grabber, any more luck with the hanging? We’ll see you soon!

PS - Tell Nader that there is nothing better than coming on to ChiefDelphi.com and seeing the HOTBOT! So keep posting pics!

it is looking pretty sweet! hope to be paired up with yea this weekend and not agaisnt ya… :]

Thanks guys, Buckeye should be great and we’ll be scouting for some great teams for sure!