pic: HOTBOT at the Great Lakes Regional


Here is a photo of the 2005 HOTBOT preparing to score at the Great Lakes Regional.

Alright, I’ll start the thread! This machine was fantastic at Great Lakes. And I know it’s not just me being biased either. My students (rookies) who had never attended a competition before were seriously impressed. Bound and determined to beat HOT at WMR, but that’s a different story…

The way they moved and capped was flawless and they made it look like it was nothing. Great job 67, wow.

Gosh…67’s arm operator is really tall. Must be the reason behind that smooth capping.

Well done 67.

:eek: … can’t wait till buckeye to see them again hopefully next to our bot, not on the other side of the field. :ahh:

boy that this look VERY similar to a robot i saw @ peachtree…hmm must research

Did they let you count those things sticking down as something that made you touch the loading zone?

Yes. Since they start fully within our robots envelope (30x28xwhatever it is), they are an extension of the robot, and count as part of the robot touching the loading zone.

We were originally given a little sas from the refs about havng/using them, but as Nick said, since they start within the original envelope, they decided they were legal. Most teams that had to remove them had to because they started outside the box… ours start folded up underneith.

Oh and Walt, couldn’t you have gotten a picture of us when I was straight on the goal? You make me look bad :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:

I don’t not much about 67’s robot but hands down they are a good team and if they are going to nationals i am looking forward to the competition that they are going to present