pic: Hover Bot - Mark Five

see it at UCF out and about on the reflecion pool

Comming to a store near you in 2005…

Too sweet guys, care to build me one???

Tytus, find me at UCF. I have a great idea for Mark Six.

yay! its done now i can et one day of sleep before the comp…

spoke too soon, more work :frowning:

Just wandering but how big is that? :smiley:

That is awesome I wish i had one. :rolleyes:

How’re you controlling these hoverbots? What’s the average cost of the electronics?

I like it. That’s definitely cool.

Tytus you did a great job on this! I cant wait to see how is looks with the armor.

I see an EDU bot controller and a Victor speed controller, so either very cheap or very expensive depending on what you have lying around.

In my local Staples, I saw muffin fans for sale for about $8. Now, these wouldn’t be anything special, except for their secondary ability.

Contained within these transparent muffin fans are blue LEDs.

I bet that hoverbot would look even MORE awesome (if such a thing is even possible. Man that hoverbot looks cool) with glowing muffin fans.

And if you could find them with green LEDs inside, the coolness would be unparralleld . . .

Awsome Robot…thanks for posting the pictures. I was wondering if you would also post some specs on it. Also, what type of motor is that powering the fan in back?