pic: Hovercraft cart

1626’s cart. It was a hovercraft! Insanely cool.

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that’s sick! what are the wheels for?

looks like the wheels can be lowered incase the hovercraft part stopped working

you mean so so they would slide down the 8020…

I believe that I heard they made this all on Friday or Thursday. It worked well and sounded so cool!

That looks awesome!

And, it clears the area of small debris.:yikes:

Any videos of it in action?

It was actually all built Thursday evening i believe.


thought you all might like this, its my high school science project. First is my radio controlled model plane engine one and then my full sized Snow mobile engine one. I lover your cart idea!!

That looks like something out of The Road Warrior. lol

That is by far one of the coolest things I have seen. Please post a video of it. It doesn’t seem like 1626 is traveling to Atlanta. It would be cool to see this in person.

WOW!!!:eek: I am JEALOUS!!! That machine looks beautiful!!! And the nice looking robot on top just adds to it!!:cool:

Thanks for liking our cart so much. Yes it is true that we started working on it on thursday at 3:00 and ended at around 9:00 that night.
I will try to post more pictures later this week. I’m trying to get all the pictures of it from my team and get the best ones.
If you were at NYC and came over to our pit on friday we were giving out rides to everyone. On sunday we even got Dean to ride on it!
If you have any questions about it let me know.

Awesomely cool!

A few questions: What did you use for providing lift (air source)? What did you make your skirt out of? How much weight can it hold? How much runtime do you get on a charge?

Again, Awesome! I wish we had one… it’s a long haul to/from the field in atlanta. :o


This is the best cart I have seen to date.

Will you guys be putting out a white paper for other teams to try and built similaur carts or try to improve on this one, although I dought it could happen.

I would like to see some drawings with design specs of your cart if that’s possable…Please…:smiley:

Again, this is the coolest cart I have ever seen, or could have thought of.

It won the Best Cart Award at NYC!

To answer some questions…
It is powered by two Ryobi leaf blowers.
The skirt is made out of some painters tarp we had laying around.
We havent actually tested how much weight it can hold but just from giving rides we figured at least 600 lbs…maybe more.
The runtime of the charge is probably about 20 min or so, maybe a bit longer then that.

Our plan is to make it better then it actually is, and we havent had any kind of drawings of it…but again, I’ll post some pics later on tonight or this week.

How loud is it?

Reminds me of one my son made for a science fair project in elementary school - it was awesome to glide on it while testing it out in our kitchen! :slight_smile: