pic: How 213 cuts

This is our High school machine shop. We have 11 lathes, 6 Bridgeports (visible behind the lathes on the right), and a number of grinders. Behind the picture is 3 Haas CNC Machines, a mill, a lathe, and a mini mill.

Wow… where is this highschool. I taught high school for three years and never saw any school with anything as elaborate as this. Is this a magnet school, or is it common for schools to have this type of setup in your area?

Very impressed

I’m amazed. Our team would kill for 1 lathe and mill.

same here. we make do with a bandsaw, a drill press and a dremel (and the beloved hacksaw)

Hacksaw & Drill all the way! 99% of our robot, Icarus has been build using nothing more. :cool:

You poor peasants. We have a drill press!

Actually, this is part of the Cheshire Career Center, which is an applied science and technology school attached to our regular high school (Keene High School, Keene, NH). The option exists for other schools around the county to send a few students in to take classes (we also have a full construction trades room and automotive shop and many other classes including a CAD Lab that we use for design). Students at Keene High can take the courses the same as they would take any regular class. I am in the machining class, which means I am in here every day making various parts. We are very lucky that the school allows us to use this space.