pic: How 229 celebrates victory

Jeremy Boire, Myself, and Chris Carnevale all decided that after winning FLR we would celebrate in style…by spending a week in the Bahamas

And the rest of the team was left wondering where the rest of our budget had gone to :stuck_out_tongue:

What, no pig? :wink:

Yeah you need to go hang with the cool Pigs John gets to hang with…

Chris, you still got chicken legs…hahahha; Boire’s a pimp too.

Wait, where’s Ader, taking the picture? And who’s that beautiful lady with Chris and Jeremy?

Haha Very funny Dan :stuck_out_tongue:

I kept my eye out for those pigs all week…apparently I wasn’t cool enough to get to hang out with them though. Oh well, guess next time we’ll have to bring John with us. hehe