pic: How 2415 is rolling for 2014

Finally got in the wcproducts and vexpro parts and were able to assemble our rolling drivetrain. I have to say the quality has surpassed our expectations

You might want to add a center drop to what, the versa blocks come pre made with offset holes, by flipping the blocks on the outside wheels so that the flat part is on top, you can add an (IIRC) 1/8th in center drop.

What is this chain nonsense on a 2415 bot?? :stuck_out_tongue:


WCD in a box! Who’da thunkit!

Looking good so far, don’t forget the bumper brackets. :wink:

West coast, best coast.

It looks like a square chassis, so I don’t think turning will be too big of a problem with the setup they have going. Besides, I don’t think 2415 would show up to a competition with a drivebase that doesn’t turn or has a tough time turning :wink:

Curious, why the decision to run chain on the outside of your side rails?

Looks beautiful, great work!


In a contest between a stationary digital sidecar and a (suddenly loose) length of 25 chain moving at >12 fps, which one wins?

Not to mention it’s easier servicing sprockets and chain outside of the gearbox.

Ditto - looks great!

Are you nervous having the cantilevered portion of the shaft longer than is WCD-typical? And now both forces from the wheels and the chain are working on the extended (from the frame) portion of the shaft.

Sorry if this is a silly question - I’m a goofy EE, its all transitors, 1s and 0s to me.

Second the question that Michael brought up on the side rails.

I’m curious to see how the bearings hold up due to the the larger cantilevered lever arm they are sitting on. If you already calculated out the reactionary forces on the bearings due to the robot weight and deemed it good then disregard!

Chain guards seem to be a plausible way to help the DSC out :slight_smile:

On our team, we’re running a similar setup with 15mm belts. Our FEA suggested that our shafts would be more than fine.

Still see that vacuum sneaking into the photo.

That’s the part I’m looking forward to seeing more of.

We ran the calculations. The axles will be perfectly fine.

Chain on the outside is to free up space on the inside of the robot and easier servicing. We have run belt the past 4 years and so far I am much much happier going back to chain, particularly with the versa bearing blocks and cams

You’re absolutely right. This cantilevered shaft is weaker than a normal WCD shaft because it’s longer and isn’t loaded on both sides. However, I’m pretty sure it’s strong enough, especially with no bumps or towers to wreck your frame this year.

Good choice with chains- I think they’re better than belts.

What’s the length of the slot you made for tensioning the VersaBlock? Just wondering.

Looking really nice!

Sean demanded the chain be cleaned in a ultrasonic bath so his hipster clothes wont get dirty. Its the only reason we ever did belt.

You know, the worst part is I’m not so sure this is a joke.