pic: How 25 Does It

In case you had any questions about our recently discovered teaser.

Lol! I’m scared now. If 25 was awesome without magic now there going to be unstoppable with magic! Can’t wait to see your bot

You can view the teaser on our website…

…if you can find it. :wink:

I already looked lol! And I couldn’t find it so I gave up. NJ is in 7 days so I can wait til then


A mentor just told me the magic/more magic story a few days ago…

talk about perfect timing.

Wow, first reference to the jargon file that i’ve seen on a control board, nice :slight_smile:

I’ve looked for maybe half an hour myself… and come to the same conclusion. On an interesting note, 25’s site has had 328 visits today as I write this… i wonder why… :rolleyes:

Cant wait to see that robot in action in New Jersey.

The second for me.

Very nice, almost, dare I say it, magical

Chris McKenzie

Yes, fortunately we were able to get our magic to digital converter working just in time for ship. It works like a charm. :rolleyes:

but can it stand up to 1503’s magic box of magic and doom?:yikes:

I love this story.

i have a feeling this robot is gonna be very fun to watch… as always:D