pic: How 696 Cuts

This is how 1294 cuts:



wow did you buy it or get it donated or what? where did u get the $$$

I WANT ONE… :stuck_out_tongue:


If you look closely, you can see actual parts for our robot.

Is this at your school or a sponsor?

if somebody will explain how to insert pictures into these messages in more depth than click the image button, i will post a picture of team 75’s state of the art and highly expensive cutting system

I just have to ask, Whats the fourth axis? X, Y, Z…then?

The machine can move ahead into time, and fix the part after it has broken at a competiton. Of course… then the part never broke so there’s nothing to fix.

It makes perfect sense, and I want one!

The 4th access is called the A axis.

This is at one of our sponsor’s shops (Glendale Community College). The shop is a shared resource between the college class, us, and team 1556 and a couple other people.

There are currently 3 functional manual lathes, 3 bridgeport manual mills with DRO, this HAAS VF-4, a HAAS VF-2, a HAAS Mini-Mill, and a HAAS CNC lathe (currently out of service). A new HAAS CNC lathe will be arriving soon. Next door to the machine shop is a room with about 30 Pentium 4 computers loaded with Inventor 10 Professional (and solidworks and autocad and mastercam).

We have the same machine, though without an A axis.

Dude isn’t that GCC’s CNC mill??

Edit: darn I messed up, it is GCC’s. :yikes:

so many neat toys a lot of teams have