PIC: HOW cute ...

WE had our team showing off with the bot at the center of our city…
And that was the best photo wev’e made… just think it can represent FIRST or somethiong…
a new member of our team teaching a passing kid to drive the bot…

Awwwwwww…how cute :slight_smile:

heart melts

very cute.

“and what do YOU want to be when you grow up, tommy?”

he is not that cute… I have seen cuter kids then that plus he looked like a ginger kid :mad:

Don’t listen to her…anyone…
You would think she’d have respect.

That, or how about you just not care for what somebody thinks? It’s their opinion, of which they are entitled to. You are entitled to yours. That doesn’t make your opinion right over any one elses… Just be content with yourself. Yay for security!

Now THATS what FIRST is about!
That kid will remember that moment for a long time and might someday design the next mars robot cause a FIRST member took time to be thoughtful!

Great going! :smiley:

. . . That was quite possibly the most flower power thing I’ve ever heard… I don’t remember anything from the age five down. It’s possible he’ll forget it within the year.

I have to agree that the kid is kinda cute but a also agree that the kid probly won’t remember it by the time he can join a FIRST team.

Who cares? It’s what FIRST is all about, whether he remembers it or not.

And, the pic would look great on the website. :wink:

Does it really matter? I mean, what if he grows up to just serve fries the rest of his life? Then holding a joystick wouldn’t serve any purpose at all.

That was harsh… X/

Maybe, but who knows. The thing that first got me thinking about joining FIRST was something a lot like this. When I first got my hands on a VEX controller at an outreach event, I decided I wanted to join FIRST. Then again, I was probably older than he is.

But then again, if he sees these things on a continual basis, even if it’s only about once a year like it was for me, it wouldn’t suprise me to see him here on CD in a couple of years.

Please stop the flaming. FIRST is a community devoted to the furthering of not only science and technology, but also goodwill among its members. I have two purposes on CD - ask (and answer) questions, and to make friends. The latter is kind of difficult if you are attacking everything someone else says. There is a long thread on this subject, but I don’t feel like posting a link. It’s accessible from the general forum, I think.