pic: How Do You Into Wiring

At a Certain point we just stopped caring about the wiring on our practice bot. :slight_smile:

Looks like a rat came in and made a nest in the wiring. Does it work? if it does, then the wiring doesn’t matter much.

Until you have to fix something.

And therein lies the problem.

I understand the picture is of a practice bot, but if a team showed up to the competition with that wiring, they would quickly drop a few spots on my picklist even if it worked in every match.

I don’t get it… is there something wrong with this…?

Well… let’s say that something isn’t working. Then, you have to follow the wire all of the way through that jumble to get to the port. It would be severely annoying.

not only that, but would they even get through inspection with that rat nest?

That robot looks so unloved. :frowning:

I think our practice robot’s wiring is better than the wiring on the 'bot we bagged. Part of that is because the Digital Sidecar had to be swapped out a couple of weeks ago, and all the connections going to it got nicely labeled to make the swap easier.

Looks like our wiring on Sunday at scrimmage… before 8 hours of OCD rewiring Monday and Tuesday.

“Give them the third best to go on with; the second best comes too late, the best never comes.” ~Robert Watson-Watt

Perfect is the enemy of good enough.

From past experience I can say that you can make it through inspection with the wires looking like that- even though I am ashamed and sad to admit it

Ours wasn’t quite as bad, but we did the same thing after one of the robots at our scrimmage impaled us :ahh:. Programming wasn’t happy about the down time though :rolleyes:

It’s my job to whine about electrical issues.

There are a lot of issues with wiring like this, aside from how horrendous it appears.

-Loose wires will stress their terminations as the wires move/vibrate/shift as the robot operates. This can cause terminations to come loose or break.
-If anything needs to be worked on inside the robot there is an exponentially larger risk of something getting accidentally unplugged or snagged or pick something annoying that happens to wiring
-Loose wires are liable to be snagged in a mechanism (like those mecanum wheels just a few inches away) and become shredded. Ever seen a robot self-destruct when a wire/wire bundle gets snagged? It ain’t pretty.

I get that its a practice bot, but it can serve for wiring practice as well as driving practice. Take some pride in your work!

Next Fall’s rookie project: 1) Reverse engineer the functionality of each servo cable and pneumatic tube connection. 2) re-connect with a new clean and labeled layout.

They’ll be ready for anything 2015 throws at ya :smiley:


Is this an Inspector’s Test? How many violations can you list in five minutes? No really, I understand this is a practice bot. I would like to remind everyone that visibility is an item in inspections. We have to see what wire size is connected to what breaker size. That is pretty hard from this photo. It is actually hard to see very much of anything.
I would be afraid to put my hand into that mass, for fear something would eat it. Sorry, that was my first impression.

The Funny thing is that you cant even see the victors and spikes through the mess, but to put your minds at ease our real bots, well i would describe its wiring as neater than a librarian’s book shelf, so there is no need to worry. But i do like the idea of making next years freshmen rewire this mess so they can start on their understanding of electronics. Thanks!:rolleyes:

The team I joined this year had a wiring job like that on last year’s robot. They passed inspection, but the inspectors didn’t like it.