pic: How Freddy Schurr is getting to Atlanta?


Yes, I have been collecting change to get to Atlanta for the past 4-5 months and also I just handed it in yesterday and I was surprise.If you can estimate how much money is there, I will give you a positive rep!

Clue: Its in the hundredths!

Crebb, nope, wrong answer!

Looks like a lot more than hundreths. :rolleyes:

But you know, enough hundreths and you could get there easy.

I say $248.62

nice guess… lol …hmm i would say about $150

possibly $229.01?

this is like price is right so if it is closest without going over i’ll bid $1

touche’, but i do see a penny, so $.01

that remind’s me of the time i paid for my friendly’s meal in $15 worth of quarters…heh.

umm, id say about $275

thats one less leprechaun going to Atlanta, and one more Freddy :slight_smile:


Of course it’s in teh hundredths, look at all those pennies.

But I’d say… $287.65

Arrrr matey, that be a lot of booty there!

How Freddy Schurr is getting to Atlanta?
He watched too much Seinfeld. :ahh:

how big is that stack compared to some things that we could see in are everyday life? or exact or estimated sizes work such as diameter and top height of the conic shape? :smiley:

i would guess 276.43


im going to have to guess that it is $125.

In my completely unbiased opinoin, $114.11.

Mike C.

How about you give us a hint on how the ‘wild’ amount of ‘sparx’ change you have in there?

Im going to have to say $349.65