pic: How I broadcast

I wish I had the bandwidth for that :frowning:

I plugged my laptop in at my office into my triple monitor setup. We have fiber so I had like the Robotics Souter’s Dream going on for a few hours today.

We are forced to run on IE7 as to not screw up our other programs at work. So I can’t even get one stream to open. I need to remember to bring my tablet to work and use the wifi.

I have 4 monitors, 1 with lone star, 1 with GTRE, 2 displaying 6 regionals.

Projector San Diego + Desktop Computor with The Red Alliance 4x Multi-stream of WPI, Orlando, Lonestar, and Northern Lights, THEN add laptop with scouting sheets for Inland Empire, Phoenix, and Chamionships. ::ouch:: I have a migrain even without volume.

I did the same thing on Friday and Saturday!! haha gl to all

I have to admit that during classes I keep the streams on the projector while I am teaching classes.