pic: How illegal is that?

so… how illegal is that?


Seriously though, I hope that was penalized.

Im about to feel really stupid i know but why is that illigal.

Only the human player can enter a ringer onto the field, Since these two are on the same team they can’t both be HP

Only human players are allowed to enter game pieces onto the field. If those two people are on the same team… its illegal

Right i knew that i swear…

How can you penalize the art of team work? Isn’t that part of the FIRST tradition working together to achieve your goal… Ha ha… just kidding… but that is hilarious though… you can tell that the judges were paying close attention to that one. Props to whoever got that picture. Who ever took this would make a great paparazzi some day!

Looks like due to the amount of people in the crowd that was on thursday during practice matches. So i guess it could be forgivable if it was during practice matches not actual qualifying matches.

Were they penalized for it? They should have been if they werent.:ahh:

Smile! You’re on candid camera!

At first, I thought it had something to do with either robot or the human player crossing the plane of the alliance station wall.

And then there was an extra hand, then an extra arm… and an extra body! What?!

Hehe, stupid digital photography…

It’s violating <G48> (only human player can touch the tubes), but in response to the question it’s not horribly illegal, only minorly :wink:

And yet they both add up to a ten point deduction.
Daggone rules!:stuck_out_tongue:

Am I the only one who finds the phrase “How illegal is that?” to be a tad un-GP?

Seriously though, that is against the rules of this year’s competition, but it could have been that the other person (maybe he’s the mentor) was showing the HP how to enter the ringers onto the field per the team’s strategy. Perhaps the poster of the photo could tell us when it occurred (Thursday or Friday?)?

You must learn how to read a whole thread and then make a comment about being “un-GP.” Scroll back up and read what Caseykasem77 posted. Rest of the story must come later.

Oh… and… if you didn’t know… you need a catchy phrase to get someone’s attention and thats where the phrase “How illegal is that” comes from.

… keep commenting.

I looked at the EXIF, and (assuming the camera clock was correct) this indeed was on Thursday. 1:40 PM, in fact.

I suppose the moral of the picture is train your human player well?

Actually, <G47> says any team member, including the coach, can touch game pieces. <G48> says it must be the HP who enters the ringers onto the field.

Also the people standing along side the field are dressed in crew shirts, not ref shirts. I agree with the Thursday guess.

It’s not the human player’s fault. It’s that extra person’s fault for touching the tube :wink:

The human player could be the best human player in the world, and know all of the rules perfectly. But that extra driver/coach…

So, the real moral of the story: Train your entire drive team well

Hm… arm coming out of her head anyone? Heh… I think it’s pretty hilarious actually. I could care less if it was penalized. Sure does look like a practice match. Assuming that he’s just teaching her how to place the ringer on the robot, nice job providing a good example.

I’m just gonna skip over all the ‘how much of a deduction was that?!’ discussion and say this:

Yaaaaaaaaaaay teamwork!