pic: How it feels to play Simbotics

So, at the team social this stunt bike guy did a pose familiar to anyone who battled 1114 this year… The pose is called “Be prepared to be dropped on your head”!

Lol, yeah, they were exceptionally awesome.

Of course, during our chance to play WITH them at Waterloo, their robot had the PDB throw a cable on them, so we lost that match too.

I don’t know about you, but 384 play against the Sims and going on defense against them in the finals on Galileo is a top 10 Sparky 384 history moment. It was beyond an honor to have them go against us, and the simple fact we were against the mighty RoboSimChickens still blows my mind.

Actually it’s probably something more like this:

Since you brought Demotivators up, Ed - I think this also applies to how the teams whipped by Simbotics feel…


I wish Despair.Inc would have made more than 9 this year but I guess it’s better than none.