pic: How many balls are in Team 68's robot?

Truck Town Thunder tried to fit as many balls in their Rebound Rumble robot as they could. How many are there?

I’m guessing 9 balls. 4 in their shooter and 5 in harvester.

I see 9.

I say 10.

I say 68÷6.8.

11 ?

Enough for a penalty.


id say 8 but wow imagine if there was no limit on the number of balls you could hold.

That would be awesome! We can fit 6 in our arm pickup and another 5 in our hopper.

It looks like there are 10.

Were you just showing off for those little kids today? :slight_smile:

You should of shoved 3 in between the bridge manipulator arms :cool:

That would be 9 Balls i count hahahaha

I meant to only have them where they could actually be during normal operation. And we can usually get two stuck in the intake, but the next one in kept pushing them out.

This picture made me realize how cool it would have been to do a multiple-exposure shot of running one ball through the whole robot.

The question is not how many balls are in 68’s robot.

The REAL question is, how many of the balls in the robot can they score in one go, and for how many points? (And if you try to tell me that all of them are 3’s, I’m going to say that you’re bluffing–the wheel can’t get up to speed quite that fast without spitting at least a couple for ones and twos, unless they can reverse it for a bit.)

That depends on where they are shooting from and how much, if any, defense is being played.

Assume they can shoot from anywhere they can normally shoot with no defense.

Well, since you asked,

  • <start at the fender>
  • The first one will fall out with some shaking, so maybe 1 pt
  • If we tap the last ball gently out towards the key and run the rollers backwards to smash the fifth through eighth balls into the ground, we can probably get the 4th ball out of the shooter. The second and third balls could then pop out, with maybe enough force for 2 2pts
  • This is the tricky part. We’d have to turn off the shooter, and stack the remaining four balls just right (the robot was designed to not carry four in the tower)
  • <drive forward (farther away) to key, with robot centered directly over front edge of key>
  • Shoot one ball for 3 pts
  • <drive backward (closer) on key, leaving robot ~1/4th of the way on the key>
  • Shoot four balls for 4 3pts
  • <Retrieve final ball from somewhere between key and coop bridge, return to previous spot>
  • Shoot one ball for 3 pts

So there you have it. I counted 23 out of a possible 27 points, if all the shots go in.

Yes there are nine balls.

The fourth shot will go farther than the next four because putting four balls in compresses them together; decompressing the first ball in that stack would cause it to jump out a little.