pic: How many regionals do you watch at once?

I had 5 computers setup yesterday to watch 5 regionals at once. Has anyone else been able to watch more than this at one time?

Haha, I love how the Great Lakes regional is on the largest screen. :]

how did you watch all at the same time?

I usually watch all the are on Gameday but only have the sound on one… but I’m also watching CNN,FOX news, MSNBC, News 14 (local news),and something else on the five TV’s in the room… as well as listen to the two public radio scanners (police,fire,EMS, city services, and railroad) and sometimes will have the CB radio and 2 and 10 meter HAM radios on.

As far as how you listen to all that… the news I leave muted with just the close caption on… as for the rest… you learn to filter out the unwanted and focus on just certain key words that get your attention.

Love that wall mounted computer screen :smiley:

So I can understand how you work such a set up. :cool:

What do you do that requires you to listen/watch all of that at once? Or why, if you’re not required to…

Cuz thats just 1337.

Sounds similar to my ops center, however, I don’t enjoy noise pollution. I have only one sound source at once, with lit indicators for when visual sources require attention. In total I have about 30 displays in my ops center. I like watching regionals too :smiley:


Lucky!! Can I come over? Joking. Well this kid on my team has a five screened computer, I knew thought of watching multiple matches at once. Thanks for the idea!!!

What can I say… I’m a info junkie… haha

Someone once said,“information is power” I like a lot of power.

the scanners are so I can keep up on whats going on around me while it happening… the CB’s and the HAM’s well just an old interest I’ve had for a long time. The news channels… well to learn the truth of whats really going on you need your news from more than one source.
I also watch the C-SPANs when they in session cause I like keeping an eye on what our elected officials our up to.

They say Big Brother is watching, I like to watch Big Brother!
And drag the things he does in the dark, out into the light of the internet for all to see :smiley: