pic: How MOE 365 tests the shooter.


Just as the commercial says, "Some engineers only stand behind their work. Ours are so committed to quality, they are willing to stand in front." (Video to follow.)

im not gonna say anything other than…“at least he’s wearing safty glasses”

/edit at least it looks like he is

And nice way to spruce up the goal

Did you hurt him? Or did you hit the goal?

The video is being verified by Google. It’ll be linked as soon as it clears.

Did the camera get fooled by the reflection off his head :smiley: j/k
Waiting on video. Should be funny.
Good luck this year.

Video is posted here.

He ducked thats not fair… Highly comical video.

So does it make me wierd that I looked at that and the first thing I thought was, “That’s a nice job they did decorating the goal.”?

Thanks for the compliment. That goal decoration was my Dad’s idea (Luke on CD). He is a MOE Booster who helps build the practice field and all the decoration/spirit items that you all enjoy (or find annoying :D), so this was a fusion of his talents.

If we could only harness the power of that glare…it could supercharge the robot! :yikes:

“Action” Joe has lightning-quick reflexes. You learn that while trying to sneak up on him with a water balloon. Maybe we should try shooting from closer than 20 feet :smiley:
Joe is a great sport and this was a good moral booster after a grueling weekend. How many opportunities do you get to play William Tell with a Regional WFA Winner? :slight_smile: