pic: how not to use a suction cup


we were trying the suction cup on the inner tubes, and someone had the idea of using it on our hands, then the foreheadm and thus this happened.


That has got to be the worst hicky I have ever seen. Can you feel the skin anymore?

The closest I’ve ever seen someone come to that was in 8th grade when the teacher gave us all these giant (think 3 inch) rubber inside-out popper things for something science-or other related. The funny part was that the teacher would specifically tell people not to pop these things on their foreheads or they’d get monster hicky circle things, which of course gave that wonderful idea to dozens of impressionable young kids who wouldn’t have thought of such a thing on their own.

For the next few weeks everyone in the class was walking around with these giant circle hickies on their foreheads. Ahh, those were the days :slight_smile:

Not that I would suggest or encourage putting a suction cup on your forehead but this sort of looks like a spider…

Edit: or a splat

Oooh. Mascot problem solved! Introducing… The Spiders Splats! It’ll be hard to miss us at competition because we’ll make everyone suction cup their faces just like Stern did! Underclassmen get to have 4 suckings! (cause, well you know…) We could also buy a bunch o’ spiders from some insect farm, and then tastefully “decorate” our pit with spidey guts. Mutilated Spider-Man costumes! Our logo could be a giant fly swatter! We could get sponsorships from the extermination companies!

I can’t wait see what the rest of the team 'll think of this one! And I owe it’ll to you Stern!


Looks like someone wasn’t wearing their forehead protectors at the time… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

it kinda…sorta…looks like the sun lol

just to clarify, this is not me, but one of my teammates (and friend).

I predict this is the first in a long series of “suction cups in inscrutable locations” pictures this season.

Yep…forget all those post about multiple unintended uses of game pieces, we’ll just use the KOP items this season :smiley:

Too bad we missed it. If you did it before we left woodside, we would have tried to take a movie of it…

(deep movie trailer voice)

It came from the Kit… It seemed innocent enough… Until they realized how much it truly sucked… (slurping noise)(scream)

And this summer… (screen shoots to black)

It’s coming for you!

(Blinding flash, the music flies into an intense fury) (Fast montage of KOP crates being shipped, various teams opening up boxes)

Some random kid - “What is it?”*

(Deep Darth Vadar Sucking noises)

(Roll the credits – “Sucks”, a FIRST horror film)

(Distant long drawn out scream)

I’m getting scarred just thinking about it.


I wonder why…

We have a betting pool going on who the first person on our team to give themselves a monster hickie is. So far, no one yet.

I feel the need to mention that these little popper things leave fun marks too! I have the strange suspicion that my brothers were involved somehow, but I got one of these stuck to my forehead in kindergarden. Lots of family laughs after that.

It was after, sorry.

Either this is the funniest mipselling of the day, or you are a really clever and literate person. Either way – good jorb.

What if someone had used the suction cup in the kit this year for that? :smiley:

We were just messing around with one :confused:

I mean, we just stuck it to my stomach, forhead, cheek, and hand. That could have been bad… But it workds :smiley:

So, explain to me, how does it get that much of a suction? Ours was just enough to stick to you.

I’d like to say we hooked up the new compressor (from the KOP) to a battery charger, and turned the battery charger all the way up. However, we just used one of our batteries for power.