pic: How Queen's Engineers Do Orientation Week


At Queen’s University here in Kingston Ontario, the Applied Science students (the traditional name for Engineering) are a very passionate group of individuals. We like to do crazy things like dye our bodies purple with gentian dye, and climb a 50 year old football post covered in lanolin with hundreds of engineers. Hopefully you will see some Queen’s Engineers in our purple jackets working with Kingston high school students at a Canadian regional this year.

sooooo - what do you guys do for fun? :slight_smile:

You look awesome!

How long a time does the dye last?

Until their next bath… so, for a QUEENS engineering student that could be quite a while… :wink:

Meanwhile, out on the west coast, all they do is sit around and read Popular Science.


Seriously, though… I have to give the Queen’s Engineers credit… they are the only ones who come close to matching the spirit at UBC and were great hosts when we descended upon Kingston for an undergrad engineering conference “back in the day”.

Looks like PURPLE MAN GROUP to me!

Awesome look guys!

Violet!!! You’re violet!! LOL

Sorry, couldn’t resist.
That quote from Willy Wonka (The original movie, not that weird remake) was the first thing that came to mind when i saw this. :smiley:

The dye can last for a long time, but seeing that with the large amount we put on our bodies it tends to rub-off on everything. So during frosh week we only keep it on for two days, then have to scrub it off using tide with bleach (that was one of the worst couple hours I’ve had in a while). Queen’s Engineering frosh week as a frosh and a FREC was probably the most fun and intense time i’ve had, it really is a blast.

I’m working on bringing the passion of Queen’s Engineering students to mentor local Kingston highschool students on a new FIRST team, hopefully we can get it all sorted out for this year.

Norris, we now have a big printer in the tech lab but we might need some more purple ink. There will be a wall sized print of this up when you come back.:smiley:

Doesn’t that seem like a really bad idea in general? does the school really encourage this?

Adam: A few schools aside from Queens do as well. University of Toronto also has this tradition, as does Western (If memory serves). Out here in Ottawa, the first years aren’t allowed except for the final “scavenger hunt” challenges. You have to earn your purple before you can wear it by becoming a guide for the first years.